Public Sector IT

October 2010

  • Transparency arranged in secret

    Mark Ballard 28 Oct 2010
  • Fancy that. Francis Maude's open data revolution is being conducted in secret. That's fine. Everyone knows power can be handed to the people only once the battle is won on their behalf.

  • ID v2.0 - the ConDem Pitch

    Mark Ballard 22 Oct 2010
  • Want to know how the Identity Scheme will look under the ConDems? Mydex, the company providing the technology for the pilots being run the the DWP, HMRC and Brent, Croydon and Windsor & ...

  • Council CRM to console Osborne's unemployed

    Mark Ballard 22 Oct 2010
  • Never before has IT has played such an important role in budgetary affairs as in austerity Britain. How else could we hope to sack a million workers, ask those few still with jobs to do thrice as ...

  • ID cards are dead, long live ID

    Mark Ballard 18 Oct 2010
  • As the government acts to scrap the identity card scheme, it has already begun work on a replacement. Or working with a replacement, as the case may be. Because the alternative to megalomaniacal ...

  • Moronic networks bolster local CIOs

    Mark Ballard 14 Oct 2010
  • Since the Big Society is the logical consequence of the networked society, it follows also that local government CIOs are among the best placed to make it happen. Encouraging them may be like ...

  • How Bristol made a fudge from open source

    Mark Ballard 11 Oct 2010
  • Editor's note: Computer Weekly's public sector IT blog is back, with a new blogger - this is the first entry by Mark Ballard, an experienced writer with a history of great scoops on public sector ...