Public Sector IT

July 2008

  • Are OGC gateway reviews working?

    Tony Collins 10 Jul 2008
  • A reader has written a trenchant response to an article on this blog about the failure of a project to manage the registration of markers of school exam papers, and the processing of marks into ...

  • Fujitsu quitting NPfIT - how two trusts reacted

    Tony Collins 09 Jul 2008
  • Minister's unfulfilled promises on Cerner go-lives Officials at Royal West Sussex NHS Trust - St Richard's Hospital, Chichester - seem relieved that Fujitsu is departing the National Programme for ...

  • Swindells NHS IT review due tomorrow

    Tony Collins 09 Jul 2008
  • A review of the future of NHS informatics by the health service's departing interim CIO Matthew Swindells is due to be published tomorrow [Thursday 10 July 2008]. Meanwhile the British Computer ...

  • BBC TV reports on "another" government IT failure

    Tony Collins 07 Jul 2008
  • When a producer at BBC's "Ten O'Clock News" contacted me about "another government computer project that has gone wrong" she was genuinely interested to know why failures cannot be prevented. I ...

  • Some PR officials more and more manipulative

    Tony Collins 07 Jul 2008
  • At a conference on spin, PR and government press officers last week, I was asked to speak briefly (a challenge). I said I had noted over about five years an increasingly aggressive approach on the ...

  • MoD replies to spin claim on DII project

    Tony Collins 07 Jul 2008
  • A reader has responded to a blog post on the Ministry of Defence's £7bn project to build a Defence Information Infrastructure [DII] by making several good points. The points apply to government ...

  • Not all Fujitsu's fault

    Tony Collins 07 Jul 2008
  • There has been some criticism by NHS users of the Fujitsu helpdesk. But a blog reader writes: "Has anyone mentioned the disaster that was the NHS CfH contract? A national support desk that received ...