Open Source Insider

October 2013

  • Certification-o-gram for Mongo

    Adrian Bridgwater 30 Oct 2013
  • MongoDB has announced a certification programme for developers (and DBAs) to cover the practical skills required to build applications backed by the NoSQL database. The company will initially offer ...

  • Is Hadoop hard?

    Adrian Bridgwater 30 Oct 2013
  • The problem with Hadoop, it is said, is that tangible deployment of this open source framework for big data is tough, complex and not exactly out-of-the-box simple. Apache Hadoop describes itself ...

  • Is this SAP's most serious play yet in mobile?

    Adrian Bridgwater 24 Oct 2013
  • SAP says it is looking to deliver on a promise of secure programming for mobile apps based upon open standards (both on premise and in the cloud) with its latest mobile software application ...