Networks Generation

September 2012

  • Paradigm 13 Shift 2 SDN (lost count)

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 28 Sep 2012
  • Such was the count at the end of Day 1 of Netevents Portugal. Thirteen "paradigm's" and two "paradigm shifts". Surprisingly there were no "out of the boxes" and only one "granularity" reference. It ...

  • IT Is Prawn Cocktail ?

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 27 Sep 2012
  • Bem Vindo from the Algarve, at the latest Netevents symposium.One of my favourite topics in networking (and IT in general) is how often we revisit old "recipes". In the same way that prawn cocktail ...

  • Tech Trailblazers Update

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 04 Sep 2012
  • Just a quickie update to all you vendors with mega technology out there re: the Tech Trailblazer awards wot I blogged about earlier this summer.Entry levels have proved (as did Top Gear) that you ...

  • At The End Of The Network

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 04 Sep 2012
  • One of the problems we've faced in trying to maximise throughput in the past has not been at the network - say WAN - level, but what happens once you get that (big) data off the network and try to ...