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September 2010

  • Avaya - Sexy? Oh Yes...

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 29 Sep 2010
  • There are those vendors - typically start-ups - that have some really interesting, nay almost-truly exciting technology. And there are those that have worthy but (verging on) dull. Avaya would ...

  • Autumn Turkey, Modern English And Real Virtualisation

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 29 Sep 2010
  • Hello from yet another Netevents - my bi-annual vendor/analyst/press jolly, sorry - symposium, that I am attending as a judge of the awards of the same name (as well as a CW blogger, a tester, ...

  • Le colis est arriveé!

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 07 Sep 2010
  • Anyone who read my previous installment of the soap opera that is and was FedEx's inexplicable failure to deliver a parcel of HP goodies (one of which is for me to test) should be pleased to ...