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November 2008

  • Power Consumption Testing - Some Figures

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 19 Nov 2008
  • Care of my mates at Ixia's test labs in Marlow recently, I took a few D-Link switches, including one from its Green Ethernet range, and ran them through Ixia's IxGreen power consumption measurement ...

  • Power Consumption - The New Performance Metric?

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 19 Nov 2008
  • Bob Dylan never sang "The Metrics They Are A Changing" but he might well have done, had he launched himself during the era where IT and 'Green' - an unlikely alliance if ever there was one - ...

  • 802.11meatballs

    Steve Broadhead - Broadband Testing 14 Nov 2008
  • Why is it that all the furniture in Sweden looks like it was obtained during a raid on IKEA and that, everywhere, you are offered meatballs? Even at the launch of ProCurve's newly acquired Colubris ...






  • How do I size a UPS unit?

    Your data center UPS sizing needs are dependent on a variety of factors. Develop configurations and determine the estimated UPS ...

  • How to enhance FTP server security

    If you still use FTP servers in your organization, use IP address whitelists, login restrictions and data encryption -- and just ...

  • 3 ways to approach cloud bursting

    With different cloud bursting techniques and tools from Amazon, Zerto, VMware and Oracle, admins can bolster cloud connections ...