Management Matters

June 2010

  • Bye Bye Brazil

    Angelica Mari 10 Jun 2010
  • So this is the end of the Brasscom Global IT Forum 2010. Over the past four days, the Brazilian IT trade body hosted the event, which included the Gartner Latin America outsourcing summit in Sao ...

  • Is English proficiency such a big deal for Brazil IT?

    Angelica Mari 10 Jun 2010
  • Following this blog post by my colleague Karl Flinders, I asked a few experts and IT buyers here at the Brasscom summit in Brazil about the issue of fluency in English. One of the key areas of ...

  • The Brazilian 'knack' gone wrong

    Angelica Mari 09 Jun 2010
  • One of the main selling points of the Brazilian IT services industry is the culture, but yesterday I heard some interesting views around how some cultural traits here can work against local firms ...

  • Indian IT management style will not work in Brazil

    Angelica Mari 08 Jun 2010
  • Following on the last post on Flavio Gryzspan's views on the potential of open source for Brazil, there were a few soundbites at a dinner last night around management culture that would be worth ...

  • Open source could be Brazil's real advantage

    Angelica Mari 08 Jun 2010
  • Yesterday, I had an interesting lunch with Flavio Grynzpan, formerly president of Motorola in Brazil. Now a consultant who actively promotes the Brazilian IT industry internationally, Grynzpan is ...

  • A week in Brazil

    Angelica Mari 08 Jun 2010
  • I am currently in Brazil as a guest of the government and over the next few days, I will be talking to buyers and sellers of technology, analysts and influencers about the potential and challenges ...

  • Suppliers as innovation referees

    Angelica Mari 03 Jun 2010
  • UK IT is a small world. Consequently, many CIOs know each other and that close-knit community has allowed several 'structured' collaboration initiatives to flourish. Many IT leaders are working ...

  • Building an online reputation

    Angelica Mari 02 Jun 2010
  • Following our banter on the CW500 LinkedIn group around use of social media in the CIO community and my previous post on the topic, I heard some interesting views from IT leaders in relation to ...