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Investigating Outsourcing

An insider\'s view on the issues, trends and controversies around outsourcing and IT services.

December 2009

  • Tiger Woods still a good advert for Accenture?

    Karl Flinders - Emea Content Editor, Computer Weekly 10 Dec 2009
  • I had to point to this advert for Accenture services. A colleague was greeted by it in an airport when returning from a press trip. Also financial services blogger Chris Skinner drew it to my ...

  • Another busy week in Outsourcing round up 10 december 2009

    Karl Flinders - Emea Content Editor, Computer Weekly 10 Dec 2009
  • Some of the important stories in the outsourcing sector this week.HP workers call off a strike. This story is significant because if the workers at the DWP walked out in large numbers HP's ...

  • EDS boost masks internal HP fury

    Karl Flinders - Emea Content Editor, Computer Weekly 08 Dec 2009
  • This week's planned strike of HP workers is the latest reputational blow for the supplier. And an apt time to blog about it.HP reported the good news that its services business was growing. The ...






  • How do I size a UPS unit?

    Your data center UPS sizing needs are dependent on a variety of factors. Develop configurations and determine the estimated UPS ...

  • How to enhance FTP server security

    If you still use FTP servers in your organization, use IP address whitelists, login restrictions and data encryption -- and just ...

  • 3 ways to approach cloud bursting

    With different cloud bursting techniques and tools from Amazon, Zerto, VMware and Oracle, admins can bolster cloud connections ...