October 2010

  • Amazing Short Film Shot on a Mobile Phone

    Karl Hodge 28 Oct 2010
  • Want a measure of how far smart phones have come in recent years? This short film was shot entirely on a Nokia N8 - and it doesn't suck. The specs are up to it though. Boasting a 12 megapixel ...

  • Apple delays white iPhone 4 until Spring

    Karl Hodge 27 Oct 2010
  • Fancy a white iPhone 4? You're going to have to wait. Reuters has reported that it won't be released until Spring 2011. By which time, early adopters may well want to hang on a few more months for ...

  • Palm WebOS - Rising from the ashes

    Faisal Alani - UK at eBay 23 Oct 2010
  • The sad thing is, Palm's WebOS could quite easily surpassed by both Android and iPhone had it not been for poor marketing. WebOS is by far the best multitasking operating system there is. The ...

  • Angry Birds Get Angry with Microsoft

    Karl Hodge 11 Oct 2010
  • The world and his civil partner knows that today's the day Window Phone 7 is officially launched. But this weekend mobile game maker RovioMobile decided this was the best moment to take a swing at ...

  • Macs vs PC - Which is better??

    Faisal Alani - UK at eBay 08 Oct 2010
  • I was interviewed about Macs versus PCs. Here is what I said on price, style etc.

  • Crazy Japanese Body Horror iPhone Charger

    Karl Hodge 08 Oct 2010
  • What do you get the iPhone fan who has everything? A charger that looks like a prop from Hellraiser, is the answer if you're a sick, sick puppy. Don't ask us where this thing came from. We know the ...

  • Cisco brings HD video calling to the US

    Karl Hodge 07 Oct 2010
  • Telepresence. Now that's a word we haven't heard much since the 90s... Looks like science fact has finally caught up with science fiction though as U.S. electronics company and heavyweight VoIP ...

  • Orange and T-Mobile now share networks

    Karl Hodge 07 Oct 2010
  • A tip of the hat to fellow tech journalist and blogger Gary Marshall for this one. Mobile monoliths Orange and T-Mobile merged back in July. The rebranding convoy is still rumbling into life and ...