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We look at the latest technology gadgets and consumer tech toys and what they can offer to business IT.

January 2010

  • Three Things I liked about the iPad

    Karl Hodge 28 Jan 2010
  • I woke up this morning to an inbox full of iPad this and iPad that, an RSS Reader with ten squillion new iPad entries and Twitter all a tweet about the new and neat little tablet. Of course, I ...

  • iPad - more Kindle than Tablet

    Eric Doyle 27 Jan 2010
  • My first take on the Apple's iPad is that it is an iPhone gone large, which is a disappointment. If only it had gone the extra few steps to include digital ink and allow handwriting on the screen, ...

  • Buy the Apple iPad - video

    Faisal Alani - UK at eBay 27 Jan 2010
  • ipad.jpgApple have finally unveiled the iPad. It has a 9.7 inch capacitive touchscreen, runs a 1GHz chip, has a 10 hour battery life, is half an inch thick and weighs just 1.5 pounds. You'll be ...

  • There's More to Tablets than Apple

    Karl Hodge 27 Jan 2010
  • Today is widely thought to be the day that Apple announces its iTablet/iSlate/iPad. My Twitter feed is full of gibbering grown-ups bleating about it. Granted, it's a disproportionate bleating as my ...

  • Apple to Slash iTunes TV Prices?

    Karl Hodge 26 Jan 2010
  • The Financial Times has reported that Apple are pushing American TV execs to cut the cost of TV show downloads. We say, it's about bloomin' time.Whether this is tied to the impending, never-ending, ...

  • Samsung's Portal offers a reality check

    Eric Doyle 25 Jan 2010
  • Samsung's Galaxy Portal i5700 Android phone comes fitted with an augmented reality (AR) browser

  • Lotus Notes importance of Android

    Eric Doyle 23 Jan 2010
  • IBM Lotus is supporting Android phones with its email and collaboration software Notes. The company announced at the Lotusphere 2010 conference in Orlando, Florida, that it would initially support ...

  • Apple to switch to Bing on iPhone?

    Karl Hodge 21 Jan 2010
  • Did you hear that sound? It was the high frequency squeal of a dozen Google execs after they just heard the news: Apple's iPhone could be switching to Bing according to a report in BusinessWeek ...

  • Lara Croft raids the Guinness record books

    Eric Doyle 20 Jan 2010
  • Lara Croft, heroine of the Crystal Dynamics Tomb Raider games, has bust her way into the new Guinness World Record 2010 Gamers' Edition

  • Lending an ear to the Asus NX90

    Eric Doyle 14 Jan 2010
  • Danish high-end hi-fi specialist Bang & Olufsen and Asus look as though they could be a force to be reckoned with. The resulting multimedia laptop is the NX90 with B&O ICEpower sound.

  • Asus flies in its CES showcase

    Eric Doyle 13 Jan 2010
  • On their way back from the CES show in Las Vegas, the Asus top brass popped into the UK today to show off the 2010 inventory of mouth-watering products

  • What is a Gadget? Pt 1: Throwaway Technology

    Karl Hodge 13 Jan 2010
  • Is disposability all that desirable? What waste this tendency generates, as we cast one example of old technology after the other into the landfill, 18 months after it was first loved, then liked, ...