Identity, Privacy and Trust

June 2010

  • There, but for the grace of Dave and Nick...

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 30 Jun 2010
  • Do you remember the UK ID Cards scheme? You know, the government's promised 'gold standard' of identity? The unforgeable, unbeatable, genius of authentication that was promised to do anything you ...

  • Backfiring biometrics

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 30 Jun 2010
  • I've written on a number of occasions about the fallibility of biometrics as a trusted means to find or identify an individual. Setting aside problems with the mathematics of biometrics and ...

  • An experiment in location transparency

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 09 Jun 2010
  • Please excuse the lack of posts recently - I've been preparing for an experiment in locational privacy. On 12th June I will set off from John O'Groats to cycle 1,000 miles to Land's End in aid of ...