Identity, Privacy and Trust

February 2010

  • Italian Court Convicts Google Execs

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 26 Feb 2010
  • An Italian court has flown in the face of the convention by convicting four Google executives - including Peter Fleischer, Google's Global Privacy Counsel - over a YouTube video that showed the ...

  • Government backs down on increased data theft penalties

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 22 Feb 2010
  • The Ministry of Justice has once again dropped plans to increase penalties against those who recklessly or deliberately misuse personal information. As part of its response to the Data Sharing ...

  • More silliness about body scanners

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 16 Feb 2010
  • The Nudatrons* are back in the news again, as the Equality and Human Rights Commission has warned that their use in UK airports may be illegal, with a primary concern about how individuals might be ...

  • Think your web browsing's anonymous? Think again.

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 04 Feb 2010
  • The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has launched an interesting new project to highlight just how hard it is to avoid being tracked online. The project is based upon information theory - using ...