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Examining issues around trust, privacy and data protection.

August 2008

  • If you're planning to lie, at least try to be convincing

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 29 Aug 2008
  • New Forest District Council has been rapped by the Information Commissioner for posting up personal information on its planning website. The problem is not new, and a number of councils have been ...

  • Think your password is a secret? No it's not

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 27 Aug 2008
  • The BBC is reporting that a man who chose a telephone banking password with Lloyds TSB of "Lloyds is pants" (he wasn't very happy with Lloyds at the time) had it changed to "no it's not" by a ...

  • Meet the new loss, same as the old loss

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 26 Aug 2008
  • Another day, another data loss, and another struggle for an original headline. However, the RBS / NatWest / Amex loss of 1m sets of personal information isn't as straightforward as it might at ...

  • Back to school

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 26 Aug 2008
  • Dave Birch has done an excellent job of describing a point that is oft-discussed in identity/privacy circles: that we in fact rarely need to identify ourselves. Government ministers bang on about ...

  • Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 22 Aug 2008
  • It's a corny title but an appropriate one: the Home Office has admitted to the loss of a memory stick containing personal information about every one of the 84,000 prisoners in England & Wales. ...

  • Consultation: Privacy by Design

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 21 Aug 2008
  • Despite more than 20 years of data protection legislation in the UK and efforts to encourage the adoption of privacy friendly technologies and ways of working, progress has been disappointing and ...

  • Simplifying the Laws of Identity

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 21 Aug 2008
  • Kim Cameron - Microsoft's Architect of Identity, identity guru and all round decent chap, has been working on a simplified 'plain english' version of his Laws of Identity. This is an important ...

  • Schleswig-Holstein Commissioner reacts to data sale incidents

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 20 Aug 2008
  • The BBC is reporting that the Information Commissioner in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, is calling for tougher privacy laws to tackle the illegal sale of personal data, some of which includes bank ...

  • The spy in the sky?

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 19 Aug 2008
  • Road pricing is a funny old thing - we get incredibly worked up about the idea of a public authority tracking our vehicle movements, yet we tolerate the fact the mobile phone companies have been ...

  • First ID Cards contract awarded

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 01 Aug 2008
  • French systems integrator Thales has been awarded an £18m contract for supply to the Identity & Passport Service under the National Identity Scheme. The full details of the contract are not yet ...






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