Identity, Privacy and Trust

February 2008

  • Turning security into a game of Trivial Pursuit

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 27 Feb 2008
  • It's quite common to rely on a mother's maiden name, first pet's name or other significant personal data to prove the identity of the caller. We've already discussed the problem of using ...

  • Data losses in Borsetshire

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 26 Feb 2008
  • For a while now I've been waiting for the issue of data losses to permeate the popular media. ... This is likely to be their own data Chernobyl (perhaps a better metaphor here might be the 'data ...

  • Identity goes mainstream

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 25 Feb 2008
  • The Economist is carrying an interview with Microsoft's Kim Cameron , their Identity Architect and the powerhouse behind Windows Cardspace. Kim is quite possibly the most influential identity ...

  • Haemorrhaging personal data

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 20 Feb 2008
  • If it was encrypted and in the possession of an Irish national then it was probably legal for it to be there, but why did all that information need to be gathered on a single disk? I suspect that ...

  • How many identities do I have?

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 19 Feb 2008
  • For three years I lived in Hong Kong, where it is impossible to obtain a financial product without first presenting a local ID card. It’s a very easy environment to live in; no running around with ...

  • What is privacy anyway?

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 18 Feb 2008
  • But we want to know we could be left alone in a given context: I’m happy to be called by family & friends at weekends, but have no interest in receiving calls from double glazing firms. ...We ...

  • Think twice before you start printing your own currency

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 16 Feb 2008
  • I must confess that I thought this to be an urban myth, or something dreamt up in a Tom Clancy novel, but clearly I was wrong: many colour laser printers and photocopiers print a hidden 'bar code' ...

  • More on data loss compensation - would $54m do?

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 12 Feb 2008
  • This demonstrates a serious point about data loss that is very useful for explaining the importance of privacy, which goes something like this: ...And what about if it contains your bank records, ...

  • Government paying out data loss compensation? Surely not

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 11 Feb 2008
  • Now, I am in no way suggesting that this service may simply be selling form letters that are available for free from the Information Commissioner , but I would be staggered if HMRC pays out so much ...

  • How to rip me off

    Toby Stevens - Enterprise Privacy Group 11 Feb 2008
  • In the auction for a Sony laptop (which has already been pulled by eBay), the seller has provided an analysis of how to rip him off for the value of the laptop. I've come close to being defrauded ...