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Eyes on APAC

A blog from Aaron Tan, Computer Weekly’s Asia-Pacific editor, analyzing the latest trends, issues and technology innovations in the APAC region.

October 2017

  • Singapore cements position as regional datacentre powerhouse

    Aaron Tan - TechTarget 27 Oct 2017
  • With 90% of the world’s data created in the last two years, it’s hardly surprising that the datacentre industry is booming, with cities around the world racing to entice the global tech giants and ...

  • Backing up is not hard to do

    Aaron Tan - TechTarget 20 Oct 2017
  • When some employees at FCM Travel Solutions lost their laptops over the past year, they were able to get their data back within half an hour. “People were really happy with the kind of support they ...

  • Chinese IT giants flexing cloud muscle in APAC

    Aaron Tan - TechTarget 13 Oct 2017
  • In Southeast Asia, Huawei and Alibaba are already household names to those who have either bought something online from Alibaba-owned Lazada or used Huawei’s Leica-branded P10 smartphones to take ...

  • Open source gaining momentum in Singapore

    Aaron Tan - TechTarget 06 Oct 2017
  • If you live in Singapore and have started using the newly-minted app developed by the government to pay for street parking at public car parks, you may have noticed something in fine ...