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Taking a look at the lighter side of IT - technology may be a serious business but it rarely fails to raise a smile too.

February 2020

  • Holmes under the hammer

    Ryan Priest 26 Feb 2020
  • IR35 has claimed its first big name, after Eamonn Holmes failed to convince the courts he’s a freelancer in his case against HMRC. For the humble freelancer, the introduction of the kaleidoscopic ...

  • In a world where you can be anything, be kind

    Ryan Priest 20 Feb 2020
  • Ricky Gervais often compares social media abuse to a “tramp” shouting at you from a bin. The only problem with that is, when you lift the tin lid on that swirling vortex of cyber vitriol, rising ...

  • CamSoda-19

    Ryan Priest 13 Feb 2020
  • In what must be one of the most inappropriate gestures in the history of human life, adult website CamSoda has offered free webcam sessions to the 3,600-plus passengers currently quarantined aboard ...

  • Don’t doubt ur vibe

    Ryan Priest 05 Feb 2020
  • You can’t take your eyes off Elon Musk for a moment. Such is the rate of Downtime content generated by tech’s OG attention seeker, we once attempted to retire from indulging his antics altogether. ...