April 2013

  • I'm only happy when it rains

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 29 Apr 2013
  • English: The A968 at Watlee on a very wet day Driving rain and gale force winds - not driving weather. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Night driving can be an unnerving prospect at the best of times, but ...

  • A case of mistweeted identity

    Caroline Baldwin - Freelance editor and journalist 26 Apr 2013
  • When the immediacy of Twitter clashes with the "passion" (other words are available) of sports fans, there's a recipe for delightful mix-ups. In January 2011, American Ashley Kerekes (@theashes) ...

  • Tetris to treat lazy eye

    Caroline Baldwin - Freelance editor and journalist 24 Apr 2013
  • Canadian doctors have discovered that playing the video game Tetris, can be used to treat lazy eye. In an experimentTetris (Photo credit: Wikipedia) with 18 adults, it was found to be a more ...

  • When I think about you I touch my... iPhone app

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 23 Apr 2013
  • The plight of the long distance lover has continued to improve over the years thanks to technology. From cheaper phone calls, free texts with WhatsApp, long, languishing emails and video ...

  • We are girl gamers, scout's honour!

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 18 Apr 2013
  • English: A Super Nintendo (SNES or Super NES) video game console, shown with standard controller. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Here at Downtime we know tech is not just for boys; there are many girls ...

  • Londoners turn to gadgets in bed

    Warwick Ashford - Senior analyst 18 Apr 2013
  • Activities in bed have never been limited to sleeping, but research has revealed that a growing number of Londoners are turning to gadgets. Infosecurity Europe polled 1,000 Londoners and found that ...

  • Amazon says Welsh is too small for Kindle

    Karl Flinders - Emea Content Editor, Computer Weekly 18 Apr 2013
  • Amazon has got a cheek. Not supporting the Welsh language on the Kindle. Admittedly most Welsh people can't even be arsed to learn the language, but the Welsh do seem to be victimised. I mean Welsh ...

  • And is Wi-Fi a stairway to heaven?

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 08 Apr 2013
  • English: St. John the Evangelist, Church of England, Knotty Ash (Photo credit: Wikipedia)The key communication device between a worshipper and their God, or so I have been led to believe, is prayer ...

  • The John-E-Reader

    Caroline Baldwin - Freelance editor and journalist 04 Apr 2013
  • Someone out there is hoping to to get funding for a production run of a gadget that holds your e-reader when you're sitting on the loo. The fabric sleeve attaches to the toilet paper holder by ...