November 2013

  • San Miguel encourages drunk dialing

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 27 Nov 2013
  • A bottle of San Miguel beer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)We have all made that mistake; gone out for a few bevvies with friends and wandered home in a state of inebriation, foolishly calling the one ...

  • Why call it Xbox if you can't XXXXing swear

    Karl Flinders - Emea Content Editor, Computer Weekly 26 Nov 2013
  • Microsoft has imposed a 24 hour ban on Xbox users using bad language. WTF?If you use Xbox One's handy Upload Studio application - which allows users to record, comment on and share clips of games ...

  • Avoid the Tube, pubs and bars to keep data safe

    Warwick Ashford - Senior analyst 26 Nov 2013
  • If anyone needed confirmation that over indulging in alcohol is a bad idea, IT security firm Trend Micro has published a study that shows more than half of Britons have lost a mobile phone while ...