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Taking a look at the lighter side of IT - technology may be a serious business but it rarely fails to raise a smile too.

September 2012

  • Virtually find Nemo with help from Google

    Caroline Baldwin - Freelance editor and journalist 26 Sep 2012
  • Underwater panoramic images were added to Google Street Maps today as part of a scientific study of the world's reefs with The Catlin Seaview Survey. Specially designed underwater cameras, SVII, ...

  • Personal Identification Numpties

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 25 Sep 2012
  • It is not just the technology world that writes continuously about the need for a safe password for your online accounts and hard to guess combination for your mobile phone. However, despite press ...

  • When social media marketing goes bad

    Caroline Baldwin - Freelance editor and journalist 20 Sep 2012
  • Waitrose, a prolific user on Twitter to engage its followers, stumbled upon a problem with its latest innovative and "down with the kids" marketing campaign. The supermarket asked Twitter followers ...