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Taking a look at the lighter side of IT - technology may be a serious business but it rarely fails to raise a smile too.

October 2012

  • Silk worms spin self-destructing spy cameras

    Caroline Baldwin - Freelance editor and journalist 29 Oct 2012
  • So when a press release about silk material and self-destructing spy cameras landed in the Computer Weekly inbox, we thought it may have been intended for 007's boss 'M' and sent to us by ...

  • Ladies, have a floral kiss from Fujitsu

    Caroline Baldwin - Freelance editor and journalist 26 Oct 2012
  • Fujitsu have launched a personal laptop specifically designed for womankind.Because of course every woman NEEDS a laptop sporting soft pastel colours, a pearl for an on/off button, diamantés as ...

  • The truth about Steve Ballmer

    Bryan Glick - Editor in chief 26 Oct 2012
  • It's been a big week for Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, what with the launch of Windows 8 and all that. It's certainly been a better week than he's had lately, what with Forbes magazine calling him ...

  • It's all in the flick of a wrist

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 09 Oct 2012
  • We have all seen enough 'Minority Report' films or gotten over excited enough playing the Nintendo Wii to continue to daydream about when we can control technology merely through gesture. Yes, ...

  • Heavy metal headphones

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 04 Oct 2012
  • As we are sure you know, we have three true loves over here at Downtime; business, technology and heavy metal. OK, maybe not all of us are enamoured with the last one but there is still something ...

  • Get alarmed!

    Kathleen Hall - TechTarget 04 Oct 2012
  • If like Downtime you nostalgically crave the presence of The Real World in our age of digital ubiquity, then the iBell Mini could be just for you. While the humble alarm clock has been consigned to ...

  • Beware the bee bots!

    Jennifer Scott - TechTarget 04 Oct 2012
  • Bee Happy (Photo credit: Treesha Duncan)Yet again, the universities of the UK have proved why they are in need of funding - spending their money on creating robot bees. The universities of ...

  • How to avoid flat batteries in your Ultrabook - David Blaine style

    Bryan Glick - Editor in chief 04 Oct 2012
  • Global self-publicist - sorry, "internationally renowned performance artist and master magician" - David Blaine, is following up his past stunts of being encased in ice and hanging in a box near ...