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Taking a look at the lighter side of IT - technology may be a serious business but it rarely fails to raise a smile too.

January 2012

  • Website launched to help people profit from failed relationships

    Karl Flinders - Emea Content Editor, Computer Weekly 24 Jan 2012
  • A website has been launched to help people make a bit of cash to cheer them up after a relationship breakdown.The aptly named provides a marketplace for people to rid ...

  • Status update: Six feet under

    Matt Scott - TechTarget 19 Jan 2012
  • A free new app, called If I Die, offers users the ability to post pre-recorded videos and pre-transcribed status updates.Makers of the app, Willook, an Israeli startup, suggest that If I Die can ...

  • Angry Brides follows in Angry Birds' wake

    Warwick Ashford - Senior analyst 18 Jan 2012
  • First there was Angry Birds, but now there is Angry Brides, an online game in India that has already attracted 270,000 fans. Instead of firing Angry Birds at Green Piglets, players fire various ...

  • Princess Diana adds her weight to SNP campaign

    Karl Flinders - Emea Content Editor, Computer Weekly 17 Jan 2012
  • She did landmines and child poverty but now in a bizarre paranormal incident the former Princess of Wales, Diana, has appeared in a Scottish church to add her considerable PR influence to the SNP's ...

  • Gambling for nerds

    Matt Scott - TechTarget 13 Jan 2012
  • Accumulator, seven fold, odds on. Are these, along with everything football, a foreign language to you? Have you been the odd one out when your friends popped down to the bookies to have a ...

  • The worlds smartest (TV) thief?

    Matt Scott - TechTarget 11 Jan 2012
  • Don't worry, the shifty chap in the video isn't really stealing a TV, its all a clever marketing ploy by LG.But that, just as exactly what the sticky fingered fellow is up to, doesn't become clear ...

  • After its meteoric rise the iPad has come back down to earth with a bang.

    Karl Flinders - Emea Content Editor, Computer Weekly 11 Jan 2012
  • A company proved the resilience of its military grade tablet case by dropping a bowling ball on an iPad inside the case. But following the failure of this stunt to increase interest, which you can ...