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Taking a look at the lighter side of IT - technology may be a serious business but it rarely fails to raise a smile too.

October 2009

  • Scandinavian sex tourism saga continues

    Karl Flinders - Emea Content Editor, Computer Weekly 14 Oct 2009
  • After Danish tourism bods pulled a promotional You Tube video that basically described the nation as a place to get your leg over without worrying about a problem nine months later, the Swedes ...

  • Single, dead female

    Warwick Ashford - Senior analyst 14 Oct 2009
  • Proving that social networking can be murder, a jilted lover killed his partner in south Wales when she changed her status to single on Facebook. Brian Lewis is to serve a minimum of 14 years in ...

  • Smart phones, not users

    Warwick Ashford - Senior analyst 14 Oct 2009
  • Twitter members are so addicted to the microblogging service that thousands are risking their lives to do it. One in ten motorists are using mobile devices to send tweets while on the road say ...

  • MOD leaks plugged on Wikileaks

    ComputerWeekly Staff 08 Oct 2009
  • Downtime didn't know whether to feel insulted or honoured by the inclusion of investigative journalists among the Ministry of Defence's list of people to defend the realm against.

  • Regulator speaks as it sees

    ComputerWeekly Staff 07 Oct 2009
  • Cyril Connelly, a British critic, said that no-one over thirty-five is worth meeting who has not something to teach us - something more than we could learn for ourselves, from a book. This is ...

  • Ernest Marples

    ComputerWeekly Staff 05 Oct 2009
  • ...our trusty moral guardian Websense banned entry. Reason? Sex.