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February 2015

  • Cyber security in Britain

    David Lacey 12 Feb 2015
  • I almost forgot to mention that last week's New Statesman carried a major feature on Cyber security in Britain, including articles from Francis Maude, Peter Sommer and myself. (Mine's the doom and ...

  • Showing our true character?

    David Lacey 08 Feb 2015
  • Last week GCHQ was censored over its sharing of internet surveillance data with the United States. There's no real surprise here. But what is interesting is to read it in the context of the New ...

  • If you can't beat them...

    David Lacey 03 Feb 2015
  • I keep reading defeatist talk. The latest is from a chap called James Lewis, a cybersecurity expert at the Washington DC based Center for Strategic and International Studies, who has been claiming ...