David Laceys IT Security Blog

March 2010

  • Improving data quality

    David Lacey 29 Mar 2010
  • For most of my career I've been concerned about the poor quality of most of our databases. It's been bad in most organisations I've encountered, and it's likely to get progressively worse with ...

  • Head in the Clouds Computing

    David Lacey 23 Mar 2010
  • The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) has just published a briefing note on Cloud Computing, compiled by Deloitte. It's a useful snapshot of the latest fashions and jargon ...

  • Encouraging SMEs to address security

    David Lacey 18 Mar 2010
  • I've been busy over the last week finalising some interesting research work for the Information Commissioner's Office on security advice for SMEs. It has some groundbreaking recommendations. ...

  • Why we are vulnerable to cyber attacks

    David Lacey 08 Mar 2010
  • The news today has several reports of a recent surge in cyber attacks originating in China. The Times quotes US analysts as saying that the West had no effective response and that EU systems were ...

  • Cloud Security Challenge

    David Lacey 06 Mar 2010
  • I encounter many innovative start-up companies who exist solely on grants and awards. Without this support we simply wouldn't have the range of products that we desperately need to solve emerging ...

  • What's different about Cloud Computing

    David Lacey 03 Mar 2010
  • My blog posting yesterday, criticising the Cloud Security Alliance's paper on Top Threats to Cloud Computing created a few comments and discussions on whether the risks are actually any different ...

  • Top Threats to Cloud Computing?

    David Lacey 02 Mar 2010
  • When is a threat not a threat? The answer is when it's selected by someone who does not understand the correct terminology. In fact this happens a lot when you ask ordinary business managers to ...