David Laceys IT Security Blog

January 2010

  • Unlimited liability

    David Lacey 31 Jan 2010
  • My expert legal friend Dai Davis of law firm Brooke North LLP drew my attention to a recent ruling in a legal case involving a claim by BSkyB against EDS, who supplied them with a customer ...

  • Social engineering through social networks

    David Lacey 26 Jan 2010
  • There's an interesting story in the Financial Times about how the attacks on Google may have been engineered through social networks of targeted employees, posing as friends in order to persuade ...

  • The fascinating world of digital investigations

    David Lacey 25 Jan 2010
  • Out of all the press coverage about the recent hacking of Google systems by Far Eastern hackers, the one that caught my attention was the description by Secure Works of the digital investigation of ...

  • The world of outsourcing, off-shoring and cloud computing

    David Lacey 25 Jan 2010
  • Regular readers of this blog might have noticed a distinct lack of activity this last month. That's been largely down to the fact that every hour of my available time has been occupied in ...

  • In search of sensible security advice

    David Lacey 19 Jan 2010
  • Where does one turn to find objective, authoritative advice on security issues? Certainly not the vendors if the recent reports of a security flaw in Internet Explorer are anything to go. There's a ...

  • Securing the supply chain

    David Lacey 11 Jan 2010
  • Security of the supply chain will be a dominant theme of this year. It's not been addressed sufficiently well in the past, but compliance demands are beginning to twist people's arms. In fact there ...