David Laceys IT Security Blog

June 2009

  • Eliminating opportunities for fraud

    David Lacey 30 Jun 2009
  • Bruce Schneier's excellent blog drew my attention to an interesting web site that prints copies of expenses receipts "for novelty use only". Perhaps our members of Parliament might find this ...

  • Why staff break security rules

    David Lacey 29 Jun 2009
  • I've just got back from speaking in Athens at HAISA 2009, the leading international symposium on the human aspects of information security. Picking up today's Computer Weekly, my eye was naturally ...

  • New cyber strategy needs to be tougher

    David Lacey 25 Jun 2009
  • The UK Government has just unveiled a new cyber strategy. It's a step in the right direction but it needs to be much tougher if it's to correct the weakeness in critical infrastructure. Tests by IO ...

  • The impact of the recession on information security spending

    David Lacey 23 Jun 2009
  • In times of recession there's always talk about where information security budgets are heading. Some of it is prompted by marketing spin, some by genuine concern and some by wishful thinking. Many ...

  • W-Tech 2009

    David Lacey 21 Jun 2009
  • One of the things that strike me as imbalanced about information security is the relatively low proportion of women entering the profession. It might be the traditional image of security as an "old ...

  • The next big thing

    David Lacey 18 Jun 2009
  • Reed Exhibitions have published a series of podcasts recorded by Hall of Fame speakers at this year's Infosecurity Europe. The subject was "the next big issue in security". Mine was on data ...

  • A new security blog

    David Lacey 18 Jun 2009
  • I see that the US Department of Homeland Security has launched a blog. The initial efforts appear to be very formal and official, more like a series of press releases, in contrast to the more ...

  • Digital Britain needs better security

    David Lacey 17 Jun 2009
  • One of the tricks for impressing your customers is to under-promise and over-deliver, thereby ensuring you will exceed their expectations. It doesn't work well in competitive markets where promises ...

  • Planning for the worst

    David Lacey 11 Jun 2009
  • A news item about the possibility of Mars colliding with the Earth caught my eye yesterday. Of course it's not likely to happen for billions of years, but it's a sobering thought that the entire ...

  • Where's the next security breakthrough?

    David Lacey 10 Jun 2009
  • The BBC News website has an interview with Sir Tim Berners Lee on the future of the Internet. When asked what the future of the Web would look like, he replies that if all the things that he can ...