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February 2009

  • The Fog of Cyberwar

    David Lacey 28 Feb 2009
  • A recent Bruce Schneier blog posting drew my attention to a report of a revelation by a US Army Colonel that "EMP grenade technology is out there, but I've never had my hands on one". The comments ...

  • Broken Windows and e-crime

    David Lacey 26 Feb 2009
  • Earlier this week I attended the ISPA Parliamentary Advisory Forum on e-crime reduction in Westminster. It was an interesting event. There was nothing really new to hear, but the discussions ...

  • When laptops go missing

    David Lacey 20 Feb 2009
  • A recent posting on Bruce Schneier's blog drew my attention to a revealing confession by Los Alamos that they had failed to address cyber security issues regarding stolen laptops because such ...

  • Back to Basics

    David Lacey 15 Feb 2009
  • Hardly a week goes by without a major concern about the compromise of personal identity data. The latest one in the news is the Federal Aviation Administration, yet another high-profile ...

  • What's in a number?

    David Lacey 10 Feb 2009
  • I was amused to read about the latest estimates of the number of intelligent alien civilisations, recently reported in the International Journal of Astrobiology. Apparently the discovery of more ...

  • A glimpse of the future of cybercrime

    David Lacey 08 Feb 2009
  • A recent report by the news channel Fox 5 claims that the RBS Worldpay data breach of payroll card data, reported back in December, resulted in a well coordinated ATM fraud in November that netted ...

  • New funding for UK security research

    David Lacey 05 Feb 2009
  • It's good to hear that the Government's Technology Strategy Board (TSB) is inviting bids for £6 million of new research investment to develop solutions to address vulnerabilities in complex ...

  • Counting the cost of data breaches

    David Lacey 04 Feb 2009
  • I'm always fascinated by the outcome of attempts to quantify the cost of data breaches. The Ponemon Institute have recently published the results of surveys, sponsored by PGP, carried out in the US ...