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Information security expert David Lacey discussed the latest ideas, best practices, and business issues associated with managing security.

April 2008

  • Ray Stanton and Bruce Schneier interviews

    David Lacey 30 Apr 2008
  • Just publishing on the Computer Weekly Web site are a couple of interviews I conducted last week at Infosecurity with Bruce Scheier and Ray Stanton, BT's Global Head of BT's Business Continuity, ...

  • Real hackers stay close to the action

    David Lacey 29 Apr 2008
  • One of the more pleasant highlights from last week’s Infosecurity was having an excellent dinner with the IOActive team, an interesting Seattle based security services company. I was particularly ...

  • Security Software as a Service

    David Lacey 28 Apr 2008
  • Demand for software as a service (SaaS) has been steadily growing in recent years, ever since seduced large organisations into taking it seriously. Security SaaS has also become a ...

  • Can we have more testing please

    David Lacey 28 Apr 2008
  • After suffering five failures of brand new electrical goods this year, after very few in previous decades, I’m beginning to get the impression that there are serious flaws in the design and ...

  • Navigating the Security Conference Circuit

    David Lacey 27 Apr 2008
  • It’s always a problem organising an information security conference, as there are so many competing events that might clash with yours. I had a similar problem last week with invitations to events ...

  • Infosecurity Highlights

    David Lacey 25 Apr 2008
  • I’m just getting back to normal after 3 days and nights of intensive networking at Infosecurity Europe. I was a great event, with excellent people, many new stands and slightly edgier ...

  • Infosecurity Europe 2008

    David Lacey 21 Apr 2008
  • It will be very interesting to see what’s new at Infosecurity Europe this year. It starts tomorrow and continues through three days of intensive networking, presentations, lunches, receptions and ...

  • Centralisation – Does it Really Help Security?

    David Lacey 19 Apr 2008
  • According to Computer Weekly, Jesper Frederiksen of Google will be explaining at next week's Infosec Europe 2008 conference that centralising critical applications, services and processes is the ...

  • What not to do about Social Networking

    David Lacey 17 Apr 2008
  • Computer Weekly has just published an article setting out some of my views on social networking in advance of next week’s Infosec Europe 2008 event in London, when I’ll be speaking on “Locking down ...

  • The Future of Intellectual Property

    David Lacey 15 Apr 2008
  • It’s interesting to speculate on the future of intellectual property. Will open source collaboration and peer-to-peer sharing lead to a world where information becomes a free resource? Or will ...

  • Malware Gets Personal

    David Lacey 11 Apr 2008
  • Symantec’s latest Internet Security Threat Report shows what looks suspiciously like exponential growth in detected malware threats. More worryingly there is a clear trend towards targeting of ...

  • The Next Manhattan Project

    David Lacey 10 Apr 2008
  • The keynote addresses at RSA conferences are mainly vendor marketing pitches. But it’s worth taking a listen to Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff’s talk at this week’s RSA conference in ...

  • Nato Cyberdefences

    David Lacey 07 Apr 2008
  • Back in 1999 I suggested that the Electronic Pearl Harbour would not happen until 2006. In fact it might have happened in 2007. The unprecedented cyber attack on Estonia last year certainly appears ...

  • Anti-Phorm Petition Climbs the Charts

    David Lacey 07 Apr 2008
  • A petition requesting the Prime Minister to investigate the Phorm technology has reached the Top Ten the 10 Downing Street web site, attracting 10,000 signatures in the first two days. In with a ...

  • Crisis Management is Getting Harder

    David Lacey 03 Apr 2008
  • Yesterday I was speaking at Reed’ Exhibition's excellent Business Continuity Conference at London Excel. The subject of my talk was “Why crisis exercises don’t work”. There was a touch of ...