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December 2008

  • Security Forecasts for 2009

    David Lacey 29 Dec 2008
  • It's the time of year to dust off the crystal ball, look ahead, and take the plunge at forecasting the key trends we can expect to encounter during the next twelve months. Here are my Top 5 ...

  • Security Forecasts for 2008 - Right or Wrong?

    David Lacey 24 Dec 2008
  • I expect we'll all remember 2008 for the credit crunch. Not many saw it coming, and those that did could not have foreseen the depth of the financial meltdown. It was a classic case of a "black ...

  • Security practitioners beat the analysts

    David Lacey 23 Dec 2008
  • Andrew Yeomans drew my attention to Michael L. Dickey's assessment of the security experts' response in Network World's recent feature on Security Myths. I'm pleased to say that Andrew and I came ...

  • In search of perfection

    David Lacey 18 Dec 2008
  • Lately I've been proof-checking my book "Managing the Human Factor in Information Security". This type of exercise is a real eye-opener for anyone that sets out to achieve 100% error-free ...

  • Everything you wanted to know about Web 2.0 Security and Privacy

    David Lacey 15 Dec 2008
  • The European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) has just published a comprehensive position paper on Web 2.0 Security and Privacy. It's a good overview of the problem and solution ...

  • Open source security is the future

    David Lacey 13 Dec 2008
  • Security practitioners today face a near-impossible task of bringing order to a technology landscape in which the problem space is accelerating beyond the reach of the available solutions. Most ...

  • Securing cyberspace

    David Lacey 10 Dec 2008
  • The Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington DC has just published and interesting and timely report "Securing Cyberspace for the 44th Presidency". There are some good arguments ...

  • Managing Security in Outsourcing and Off-shoring

    David Lacey 08 Dec 2008
  • At last week's excellent Cyber Security KTN Christmas lunch at Bletchley Park, I presented the findings of a recent KTN project to develop a guideline on the thorny subject of managing information ...

  • The slow progress of people-oriented information security

    David Lacey 03 Dec 2008
  • Today is my annual lecture on the Royal Holloway University of London MSc course in Information Security. It's a great course, the very best of its kind, with a good balance between lectures from ...