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Information security expert David Lacey discussed the latest ideas, best practices, and business issues associated with managing security.

November 2008

  • We need affordable intelligent monitoring systems

    David Lacey 30 Nov 2008
  • I didn't attend the actual session, but my attention was grabbed by the report of Prof. Brian Collin's views, speaking at a recent Cyber Security KTN event, on the controls needed to prevent the ...

  • That firewall is deceased

    David Lacey 28 Nov 2008
  • It's getting to the time of year when security managers begin to lighten up after another year of cost-cutting, restructures and bad content. Alan Stockey, ex JP Morgan security veteran, has put ...

  • Driving down costs

    David Lacey 27 Nov 2008
  • Surviving the current downturn means taking out cost from business and information security budget. Here are a few ideas on how to go about it. Firstly, set out to reduce incident levels. There are ...

  • Global trends are not all bad

    David Lacey 21 Nov 2008
  • My postings have been a bit thin lately as I've been away on holiday, armoured only with an ASUS laptop loaded with open source software. In theory this should work fine. In practice, however, it ...

  • Security myths exposed

    David Lacey 12 Nov 2008
  • Network World has a excellent debate on classic information security "myths or truisms", with comments by myself, Bruce Schneier, Andrew Yeomans and other top professionals. Each of these subjects ...

  • Let's get real about information security

    David Lacey 09 Nov 2008
  • Wherever you go, or whatever you read, these days, it;s hard to escape security professionals and pundits that preach that information security and risk management are business enablers. Now that's ...

  • Preserving our Information Security Heritage

    David Lacey 09 Nov 2008
  • Well done to English Heritage for donating money to help preserve Hopefully it will encourage further funding, because BP needs a lot more money. And It's an ...

  • Let's have a heated debate

    David Lacey 04 Nov 2008
  • RSA conferences are a great opportunity to network with friends, colleagues and interesting personalities. At last week's even in London, I especially enjoyed having dinner with Ira Winkler, a ...

  • Data breaches will continue until we take the right action

    David Lacey 02 Nov 2008
  • More government data breaches in the news again today. And they'll continue to be reported, not only because we can't completely eliminate human error, but because not enough effort is currently ...

  • Towards a cleaner water supply

    David Lacey 01 Nov 2008
  • My vote for the best exhibitor stand at the RSA conference in London this week goes to Optenet, a Spanish company specialising in web content. Content filtering is becoming such a commodity that ...