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Information security expert David Lacey discussed the latest ideas, best practices, and business issues associated with managing security.

January 2008

  • Suspected Intrusions - To Block or Not to Block?

    David Lacey 23 Jan 2008
  • Earlier this week I was at an excellent CISO dinner at the Capital Club hosted by Dr Steve Moyle of Secerno. For those of you who haven’t come across Secerno, they’re one of Oxford University’s ...

  • Ten Practical Steps to Prevent Laptop Theft

    David Lacey 21 Jan 2008
  • After all the shocks and finger-pointing following the HMRC breach it’s disturbing to hear that a laptop with unencrypted, sensitive MOD data could be stolen from the boot of a parked car. The data ...

  • Consumerisation is Coming Your Way

    David Lacey 18 Jan 2008
  • A glimpse of the new Apple MacBook Air reinforces the growing gulf in desirability and performance between the latest consumer-oriented technology and the outdated laptops issued to business ...

  • Ready or Not, Convergence is the Future

    David Lacey 14 Jan 2008
  • One of the inevitable trends of the Information Age is the progressive convergence of network services. It’s dangerous but unstoppable. Over the last two decades many people have asked me if ...

  • Physician Heal Thyself

    David Lacey 12 Jan 2008
  • We’ve seen breaches committed by security companies in the past, so it’s disappointing but not surprising to read that Computer Associates has suffered a breach to its website, which redirected ...

  • It’s Time to Clean up our Language

    David Lacey 09 Jan 2008
  • What’s in a phrase? Not a lot if you’re gossiping casually, though style, fashion or taste might perhaps shape your choice of words. But words mean a lot if you’re aspiring to operate in a ...

  • Better to be Safe than Sorry

    David Lacey 07 Jan 2008
  • I’m always nervous about connecting safety-critical systems to other networks. I’ve seen far too many unnecessary security exposures introduced to SCADA systems by engineers who should have known ...

  • A Black Year for Privacy

    David Lacey 02 Jan 2008
  • Privacy International, a long-standing privacy advocacy group, has just released their 2007 International Privacy Ranking, including a rather black-looking map of the World indicating the state of ...