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Information security expert David Lacey discussed the latest ideas, best practices, and business issues associated with managing security.

September 2007

  • Why Encryption is a Hard Sell

    David Lacey 28 Sep 2007
  • My last posting generated a few comments condemning vendors who exaggerate the capabilities of their security products. The security market is now fairly mature so it's surprising that vendors are ...

  • Cryptography and Snake Oil

    David Lacey 26 Sep 2007
  • Bruce Schneier is a bright guy and a first-class writer but he does have the unfortunate habit of appearing to rubbish new security products, without any evidence that he’s actually looked at them. ...

  • The Changing Security Threat Landscape

    David Lacey 23 Sep 2007
  • Last week Symantec issued their latest Internet Security Threat Report. These six-monthly reports have become essential reading for all security practitioners. The latest 30 page report (it could ...

  • The Long Road to PCI Compliance

    David Lacey 21 Sep 2007
  • There are always plenty of businesses that have to be dragged kicking and screaming to the compliance killing floor. So it’s no surprise to read a survey by The Logic Group that suggests that only ...

  • Beware Publicity-Seeking Security Gurus

    David Lacey 19 Sep 2007
  • For the past few days I’ve been reading some strange reports coming out of a Gartner Security conference in London. Enough to make me wonder whether the speakers are on the same planet as the rest ...

  • Designing Systems for Peak Demand

    David Lacey 18 Sep 2007
  • I was interested to read Tom Ilube’s comments on the BBC Website about the failure of Northern Rock’s systems to cope with the recent exceptional demand. As one of the pioneers of online banking ...

  • CSI Security Survey Shows Huge Increase in Financial Fraud

    David Lacey 16 Sep 2007
  • Average annual losses from security incidents have doubled according to the Computer Security Institute’s 12th Annual Computer Crime and Security Survey. Regardless of the accuracy of the ...

  • It's Features not Usability that Sells Products

    David Lacey 13 Sep 2007
  • The blog postings have been a little thin over the last fortnight as I’ve been holidaying in one of those chic designer hotels. You know. The ones that have Zen styling, Eastern spa treatments, ...

  • What Top Security Professionals Really Think

    David Lacey 12 Sep 2007
  • Just published on the Computer Weekly Website are a couple of videos of interviews I conducted recently with leading Heads of Security from interesting organisations. They’re worth watching. The ...

  • Cybercrime in the UK

    David Lacey 10 Sep 2007
  • A new report commisoned by Garlick, a UK vendor of privacy management services, on the subject of UK Cybercrime, contains some interesting findings. Such surveys are essential reading for security ...

  • Can Security Stay Ahead of the Threat?

    David Lacey 07 Sep 2007
  • I often sit back and reflect on whether we are really winning the war against malicious security threats. The answer of course is "Yes". Otherwise we'd already be in dire straits. But it's ...

  • Responding to the New Espionage Threats

    David Lacey 05 Sep 2007
  • For the last few days the media has been reporting alleged hacking attacks on US, UK and German government targets originating from China. It's to be expected of course as any new channel for ...