David Laceys IT Security Blog

August 2007

  • Translating Research into Reality

    David Lacey 31 Aug 2007
  • My posting earlier this week on the costs of incidents created a few stirs, the most interesting one being an email from the excellent Ponemon Institute, who have been the source of many ...

  • Security Managers are Getting Smarter

    David Lacey 29 Aug 2007
  • Over the last week, I’ve been interviewing a few selected security managers for a forthcoming Computer Weekly special. It’s been an interesting experience, and I was highly impressed with what I ...

  • The Costs of Security Incidents

    David Lacey 26 Aug 2007
  • I’m always fascinated by reported figures and research statistics about the costs of security incidents. Generally they represent just the tip of the iceberg, because in practice you can’t nail ...

  • What Makes a Good Spy?

    David Lacey 23 Aug 2007
  • Checking out the excellent FIRST Global News postings, my attention was drawn to a feature from the Telegraph Web site on “Top Web sites for Spies and Spying”. This article, amongst other things, ...

  • The Strange World of Large Digital Networks

    David Lacey 21 Aug 2007
  • The recent three-day unprecedented outage of Skype services highlights some interesting characteristics of contemporary networks. Does it matter what really caused it? Probably not. Because the ...

  • More on Pandemic Planning

    David Lacey 18 Aug 2007
  • My recent posting on pandemic planning prompted a comment suggesting a Top 10 list of actions. I couldn't resist the challenge. Each organisation is different and requires its own specific action ...

  • The Rules of the New Game of Information Warfare

    David Lacey 16 Aug 2007
  • Alvin Toffler pointed out a few decades ago that the 21st Century would be dominated by information warfare and espionage. That’s because intellectual property becomes increasingly valuable and ...

  • Data Mining and Fraud Detection

    David Lacey 14 Aug 2007
  • I was pleased to read that data mining has delivered spectacular results for the Insurance Fraud Bureau. Using Detica’s specialist services they were able to uncover gangs causing or faking car ...

  • What Board Members Really Think About Security

    David Lacey 13 Aug 2007
  • A recent survey, carried out by NetIQ, claims that most IT Security Managers believe that their board-level superiors pay only lip service to compliance and security, i.e. they don’t take it ...

  • House of Lords Report Points the Way Forward

    David Lacey 10 Aug 2007
  • Today the House of Lords Scientific and Technology Committee published its long-awaited report on “Personal Internet Security”. It’s worth reading and quite a good introduction to the subject for a ...

  • Should Security Be Nasty or Nice?

    David Lacey 08 Aug 2007
  • I always smile when I hear security consultants advising that organisations should create a security culture. Why? Because quite simply there is no such thing. Security means entirely different ...

  • No Sensations at This Year's Black Hat

    David Lacey 07 Aug 2007
  • At this time of the year my eyes usually glance westward to see what's being revealed at the Black Hat and Defcon conferences in Las Vegas. Over the years these back-to-back events have served as a ...

  • Security Needs a New Direction

    David Lacey 05 Aug 2007
  • The UK newspapers are full of more stories about the dreadful state of Heathrow Airport. But it’s not surprising. It's a sign of the times. And the fault lies with security. Because its objectives ...

  • Trends in Security Technology

    David Lacey 02 Aug 2007
  • This morning's IT Governance & Risk Management email shot from Computer Weekly carried a reference to a Burton Group report on trends in the security technology marketplace. Unfortunately it ...