David Laceys IT Security Blog

June 2007

  • The Dark Side of Security

    David Lacey 28 Jun 2007
  • I’m always fascinated but saddened to read about cases where wealthy people pay large sums of money to buy intelligence from shady information brokers. The recent case of two police officers, ...

  • Security Awareness – how much should we spend?

    David Lacey 27 Jun 2007
  • Yesterday I was presenting to the Information Security Council of a large international company on the subject of information security awareness. It’s currently a hot topic as more and more ...

  • The Future of Democracy

    David Lacey 25 Jun 2007
  • My eyes were drawn to a recent report on e-voting just issued by the Open Rights Group, an independent, non-profit advocacy group, campaigning for the digital civil rights of British citizens. ...

  • The Costs of Data Leakage

    David Lacey 22 Jun 2007
  • Yesterday I took part in an excellent Symantec event in London on Data Leakage. This is a very hot topic and one that seems to be getting scarier by the day, with regular media reports of incidents ...

  • Blackberrys Discouraged By French Government

    David Lacey 20 Jun 2007
  • The French Security Service is reported to have advised Government officials working in sensitive offices not to use Blackberry devices because they use overseas servers, opening up an espionage ...

  • DTI Unveils New Research in Human Vulnerabilities

    David Lacey 18 Jun 2007
  • Today the Department of Trade and Industry unveiled their latest research awards aimed at addressing the thorny (and under-researched) subject of the human risk element in network security. With £4 ...

  • The Global Compliance Environment

    David Lacey 17 Jun 2007
  • This Wednesday I'm delivering a keynote address at a CIPFA/ISACA Conference in Birmingham on Emerging Compliance Requirements. The subject of my talk is "The Global Compliance Environment", a ...

  • What Makes a Top CIO?

    David Lacey 14 Jun 2007
  • It's a thankless though often lucrative job being a top CIO. Many of the most promising candidates - the ones that really understand how to use technology to transform a business - don't survive ...

  • Human Factors are This Year's Security Focus

    David Lacey 13 Jun 2007
  • You probably won't read much in the computer press about yesterday's Cyber-Security KTN Conference, as most of the security press were attending the BT Security Journalist of the Year Awards Lunch. ...

  • Privacy Expectations on the Internet?

    David Lacey 11 Jun 2007
  • I note that Google has come in for some stick from Privacy International, an International Human Rights Watchdog, for being "hostile" to privacy in a report that ranked leading Internet firms on ...

  • Is Anti-Virus Technology Dying?

    David Lacey 09 Jun 2007
  • I was interested to spot an item on The Register site about the "slow death" of anti-virus technology. This article, written by Robin Bloor, a US analyst (who appears to be running a one-man ...

  • Minimum Security Standards Are Mandatory for Safeguarding Customer Data

    David Lacey 08 Jun 2007
  • This week's press reported yet another loss of customer data by a leading UK Bank. This time it was HBOS coming clean about a loss of a disk containing information about more than 60,000 mortgage ...

  • Designer Security Strikes Again

    David Lacey 06 Jun 2007
  • It's not often we encounter innovation in security technology, so I always take my hat off to new concepts in security design or functionality. I wrote some months ago about the innovative Yoggie ...

  • Mobile Device Security

    David Lacey 05 Jun 2007
  • Mobile device security is becoming a hot topic, so I was highly interested to read the results of recent research into the causes of mobile phone losses by simplyswitch.com. It claims that a ...

  • If You Can't Stop It, Try Monitoring It

    David Lacey 03 Jun 2007
  • I've been reading with great interest the media reaction to the discovery that DRM-free iTunes downloads actually store hidden personal data, including email addresses, about the people who ...