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Information security expert David Lacey discussed the latest ideas, best practices, and business issues associated with managing security.

March 2007

  • Support Your Local WARP

    David Lacey 30 Mar 2007
  • External networking is one of the most important components of an effective security function. That's because security managers need to draw on outside knowledge and skills to identify new threats, ...

  • Paranoia does not Create a Healthy Business Climate

    David Lacey 29 Mar 2007
  • Could it be that this week's RAE report on Privacy and Surveillance (see my last posting) is symptomatic of a wider wave of paranoia across Business and Society? A recent report in the Chicago ...

  • Safeguarding Privacy in a Surveillance Society?

    David Lacey 27 Mar 2007
  • The Royal Academy of Engineering has just published a report on "Dilemmas of Privacy and Surveillance - Challenges of Technological Change". It's worth a read. Amongst other things, it claims that ...

  • The Economics of Security - How hard can it be?

    David Lacey 25 Mar 2007
  • I've noticed an increasing level of interest by both academics and practitioners in the financial aspects of security. There are probably two sources for this phenomenon. One is the difficulty that ...

  • Y2K Lessons Forgotten Already

    David Lacey 23 Mar 2007
  • Those of you who might have concluded that the risks posed by the Y2K Bug were overstated should take a look at this recent story about six Lockheed F-22 Raptors crossing the International Date ...

  • Oracle Sues SAP for Information Theft

    David Lacey 23 Mar 2007
  • Yesterday Oracle announced that are suing SAP for violations of several Federal Acts. The Complaint makes interesting reading. Oracle claim that SAP committed "corporate theft on a grand scale", ...

  • How Much Do We Really Spend on IT Security?

    David Lacey 21 Mar 2007
  • I'm always interested to read what the young scribblers in those expensive analyst organisations are claiming about our security spending habits. I've spent a good deal of time measuring and ...

  • The Future of Digital Space and Place

    David Lacey 19 Mar 2007
  • As a keen Futurist, I'm interested in the impact of the Information age on how and where we live and work. And there are some interesting trends and contradictions. Distance doesn't matter but ...

  • The Importance of Closing the Loop

    David Lacey 17 Mar 2007
  • I'm often asked what it is that characterizes a good security function. What separates the best from the rest? If I'm forced to select one single thing I would say it was the ability to close the ...

  • Unacceptable Physical Security Must Be Corrected

    David Lacey 15 Mar 2007
  • The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has found eleven banks and other financial institutions in breach of the Data Protection Act after investigating complaints concerning the disposal of ...

  • Laptop Encryption Becoming Standard Issue

    David Lacey 14 Mar 2007
  • Seagate Technology is now shipping hard disk drives with built-in encryption in the latest ASI laptop computers. This technology has been around for some time but it's a step forward to see it ...

  • The Future of Fraud Detection

    David Lacey 12 Mar 2007
  • I've just got back from lecturing at a CIPFA weekend school for auditors in Blackpool. Mastering the human factor was a primary theme. It covered everything from how to spot fraud to how to change ...

  • Secure Software Development

    David Lacey 12 Mar 2007
  • My recent posting on the KTN Cyber Security Special Interest Group attracted a comment from my fellow CW blogger Stuart King, pointing out we need a plan of action rather than another white paper. ...

  • The Hidden Cost of Fraud

    David Lacey 07 Mar 2007
  • A new report commissioned by the Association of Chief Police Officers puts the cost of Fraud in the UK at more than £20 billion. It's been arrived at by adding up the costs of reported fraud and ...

  • Wi-Fi Eavesdropping Gets Easier

    David Lacey 05 Mar 2007
  • I've been watching out for interesting reports coming out of last week's Black Hat Convention in Arlington. Apart from the RFID fiasco I commented on a few days ago, the main story seems to be a ...