David Laceys IT Security Blog

February 2007

  • Are We Ready for RFID?

    David Lacey 28 Feb 2007
  • There's a sense of déjà vu about this week's Black Hat Conference, with yet another revealing presentation pulled at the last minute. Two years ago it was Cisco attempting to quash Mike Lynn's ...

  • Applying the Fourth Dimension to Security

    David Lacey 24 Feb 2007
  • For the last few weeks I've been reviewing a business process model for a client. It's an interesting task for me as I've always been fascinated by models and how best to structure them. Being a ...

  • Time for a New Standard for Software Development

    David Lacey 22 Feb 2007
  • Stuart King's posting on the importance of process reminded me of the important issue of software development standards. I believe it's time for a big change, for a fresh approach. Because our ...

  • Microsoft joins the Deperimeterisation Bandwagon

    David Lacey 11 Feb 2007
  • I couldn’t make last week’s RSA Conference in San Francisco because of other commitments, but I was interested to read the transcript of the keynote session given by Bill Gates and Craig Mundie. In ...

  • Planning for The Future

    David Lacey 10 Feb 2007
  • Last week’s highlight for me was a trip the Channel Islands to lead a one-day Sapphire masterclass in planning for the future. I must admit I do enjoy these sessions, as I always learn something ...

  • The Art of User Awareness

    David Lacey 06 Feb 2007
  • Those of you in the medical profession might be familiar with a UK publication called Primary Care Today. I was recently approached via the BCS to contribute a short article for this on-line ...

  • e-Crime in The Capital

    David Lacey 04 Feb 2007
  • The status of Scotland Yard's current strategy on e-Crime can be seen in a recent report published by the Metropolitan Police Service. It's an illuminating read. Clearly there is much to be done, ...

  • From Forensics to e-Discovery

    David Lacey 02 Feb 2007
  • A few months ago I commented on Guidance Software, a company with a near monopoly on the PC forensics market with their EnCase product. That was following their recent settlement with the FTC. And ...