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December 2007

  • Security Forecasts for 2008

    David Lacey 29 Dec 2007
  • In keeping with tradition, it’s time to dust off the crystal ball and look ahead to the key trends we can expect to encounter during the next year. Here are my Top 10 predictions for 2008. Media ...

  • Security Forecasts for 2007 - Right or Wrong?

    David Lacey 26 Dec 2007
  • It's always a useful learning exercise to look back on earlier perspectives of security. This time last year I set out a Top 10 Security Trends for 2007. The list included some obvious trends such ...

  • Seek and You Will Find

    David Lacey 23 Dec 2007
  • Many of my friends and colleagues express disbelief at the continuing saga of Government data breaches. It’s because they expect professional organisations to be on the ball when it comes to ...

  • Back to Security Basics

    David Lacey 21 Dec 2007
  • Cisco’s recently published annual security report is not what you’d expect from a vendor of leading edge technology products. If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art analysis of emerging security ...

  • Security Guidance Shouldn’t Be Secret

    David Lacey 18 Dec 2007
  • One learning point from the recent HMRC data breach is the need to de-classify security guidance. As noted by the Guardian and The Register, some Government security manuals tend to be protected ...

  • 2007 - The Year of Security Awakening

    David Lacey 16 Dec 2007
  • Looking back over 2007, it strikes me that it’s been a significant year for raised security awareness. There can’t be a single executive director who has not been shaken by the media headlines and ...

  • A Poem for Christmas

    David Lacey 13 Dec 2007
  • Alan Stockey, a fellow security professional, kindly sent me a copy of his 2007 Christmas poem. It follows on from previous classics such as "Twas the night before audit”, "Regulator's coming to ...

  • The Art of Model Development

    David Lacey 12 Dec 2007
  • Fellow blogger Philip Virgo mentioned to me today that he was developing a new security process model. It got me thinking about the principles of model development. Regardless of their purpose, the ...

  • Next Year’s CIO Agenda

    David Lacey 11 Dec 2007
  • We’re approaching that time of the year when pundits and their sponsors like to look back on how things went, and what the coming year might promise. For me, an enthusiastic futurist and a serial ...

  • The Future will be a Better Place

    David Lacey 10 Dec 2007
  • Bruce Schneier paints a rather downbeat picture of the future in a discussion with Marcus Ranum on Security in Ten Years. Fortunately they are wrong. When looking a decade ahead, you cannot simply ...

  • When Real and Virtual Worlds Collide

    David Lacey 10 Dec 2007
  • Returning from a trip up North yesterday I ran into security colleague and fellow blogger Jonathan Care. He posted a nice comment about my appearance :-) on his excellent blog. An excellent start ...

  • Think Tank Thinking Needs a Few More Ideas

    David Lacey 07 Dec 2007
  • After nine months of research, Demos, an influential “think tank” originally founded my journalists from Marxist Today, has delivered a report on the societal issues associated with personal ...

  • Closing the Loop – It’s not that difficult

    David Lacey 06 Dec 2007
  • I’ve been surprised by the number of people who believe that the root cause of breaches such as the recent HMRC data breach is culture. In my view these incidents are the result of a failure of ...

  • Social Networking – The Bigger Picture

    David Lacey 04 Dec 2007
  • A Computer Weekly survey indicates that organisations are more concerned about the impact of social networking on employee productivity than on security or reputation damage. As usual they are ...

  • Something Wicked This Way Comes

    David Lacey 02 Dec 2007
  • Back in 1999 I predicted that the “Electronic Pearl Harbour” would probably not happen until around 2006. That prediction, which led some elements of the computer media to accuse me of being a ...