David Laceys IT Security Blog

November 2007

  • The Long and Growing Arm of the Law

    David Lacey 05 Nov 2007
  • It’s not easy to ensure your business meets all the relevant legal and regulatory compliance requirements. There are just too many of them for an average business manager to take in. It’s difficult ...

  • In Search of the Holy Grail of Security Risk Management

    David Lacey 02 Nov 2007
  • IBM’s latest press release caught my eye. It sounds great, announcing a major investment in new security services, products and research breakthroughs to help business effectively manage ...

  • Fear of Cybercrime on the Rise

    David Lacey 01 Nov 2007
  • My eyebrows were raised by a story in Computer Weekly claiming that cybertheft is the UK’s “most feared crime”, even outranking burglary, assault and robbery. It just doesn’t ring true. Perhaps ...