Top story on ComputerWeekly last week was.....

So what were your favourite stories on ComputerWeekly last week? What were the headlines that made your fellow IT pros double click? What news or bizarre content piqued your fellow peers interest?

Well last week’s top story was a big spat between two big players in the broadband market – BT and Virgin. BT complained that Virgin had overegged its claims of download speeds were faster than they actually were and its claim was upheld by the advertising authorities. Naughty Virgin and a big slap on the wrist for them as it must now change the wording of its ADs.

Second in this week’s chart was news that Japanese Brewer Asahi has created a robot to pull pintsof ice cold lager for you. Mr Asahi, the world’s first robotic barman, was obvioulsly a hit with all you thirsty IT professionals. You can watch Mr Asahi in action below

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Third most popular last week was Virgin again, but this time it was news that the media company was working with the British Phonographic Industry to track which Virgin Media customers had downloaded or shared music illegally. Boo hoo Virgin or yeh right on Virgin… depends on how you feel about digital rights management, but at least Virgin were acting with propieraty on this occasion.