ComputerWeekly's top YouTube Tech videos

I know its only been a short week, but it still feels as though its time for a bit of light relief. So laugh along with me while you watch these three videos, all selected from from YouTube, for being funny (well at least I thought so)… if you want more content from the lighter side of IT then see our Downtime blog!

Well kicking off this week’s top three is Bill Gates praising the Mac… While it’s not fall off your chair funny, but I still like it for it’s irony… and how young is Bill Gates here and how ginormous are his glasses…… ???

Cheesy but hey it’s funny if you don’t get too hung up about the obvious innuendo

And last but not least Eddie Izzard talks computers – a bit long but very funny

Let me know what you think and send us your funny IT videos… for our weekly compilation.