Computer Weekly Editors Blog

March 2011

  • Dear Phil Pavitt, this one is for you

    Bryan Glick - Editor in chief 31 Mar 2011
  • How often do you, as an IT leader, tell people in other parts of the business what you have achieved? For many IT folk, that sort of self-promotion doesn't always come naturally - and often that ...

  • How to make sure this was a Budget for business IT

    Bryan Glick - Editor in chief 24 Mar 2011
  • Chancellor George Osborne labelled the latest contents of his tattered red briefcase as a Budget for business, and if that proves to be the case then it would be a good one for the IT sector and IT ...

  • Thank you, ladies

    Bryan Glick - Editor in chief 23 Mar 2011
  • Any mention of "women in IT" is often received by certain sections of the male IT profession with a sigh, a shake of the head, and a cynical "not again..." Perhaps it's the same in any ...