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June 2010

  • Don't be a World Cup killjoy

    Bryan Glick - Editor in chief 11 Jun 2010
  • Are you part of a killjoy IT department? How many football-supporting employees across the UK will have received emails in the past week from their IT team discouraging bandwidth-hungry online ...

  • The IT guy has made it to the top - at last

    Bryan Glick - Editor in chief 11 Jun 2010
  • It has finally happened. After years of anticipation, the IT guy has made it to the top. If you collected £1 for every time there has been a prediction that IT leadership is the emerging route to ...

  • Why the iPad is good news for IT professionals

    Bryan Glick - Editor in chief 08 Jun 2010
  • There is far too much hype in the technology sector these days, but for once some of the latest hype is right: Apple's iPad does represent a significant milestone for IT. However, the hype is for ...