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Computer Weekly Data Bank

The data and statistics that help to understand modern technology trends.

April 2013

  • Application Software Spend - Accountants

    Kris Wicka 28 Apr 2013
  • Smaller accountancy firms, employing under 100 staff, have expenditure per employee on application package software which is twice the UK norm. For concerns with 1000+ staff, accountants' outlay ...

  • Software Spend - Retail Trade

    Kris Wicka 24 Apr 2013
  • Small retailers - employing 50-99 staff - spend £3,700 each on custom software. Outlay on application packages and system software is similar at £3,400 per company. Less than a third of that is ...

  • IT & Telecom Spend - Employment Agencies

    Kris Wicka 21 Apr 2013
  • Employment agencies' largest spend category is staff which represents 60% of IT & telecom budgets. Computer services and telecom services expenditure each contribute just over 15%. Between ...

  • IT & Telecom Spend - Education Institutions

    Bill Goodwin - Computer Weekly 31 Mar 2013
  • Medium sized education institutions with 100-999 employees spend over a third of their IT & telecom budgets on staff. The next largest category is hardware with a quarter of the expenditure.