Computer Weekly Data Bank

May 2011

  • IT Staff as % All Staff - Technical Testing & Analysis

    Kris Wicka 30 May 2011
  • Medium sized Technical Testing & Analysis firms (100-999 employees) have almost one tenth of their staff focussed on IT functions. This is more than twice the norm for all Business Services ...

  • IT Spend - Paper Manufacture

    Kris Wicka 26 May 2011
  • Paper Manufacturing firms IT spend per employee has fallen behind that of the rest of manufacturing. Over a 5 year period it has risen 13% which is about half that for all manufacturers.

  • IT Managers Pay - Public Sector

    Kris Wicka 25 May 2011
  • IT managers in Public Administration just have the edge in earning power over their counterparts in Health & Social Work. Both are ahead by over 5% of IT managers in Education.