Computer Weekly Data Bank

April 2011

  • IT Staff Numbers - Aerospace Manufacture

    Kris Wicka 04 Apr 2011
  • By far the largest IT staff function in Aerospace Manufacturing is software. It involves nearly half of all IT staff. Management is the next largest followed by operations.

  • IT Managers Pay - Top Earners

    Kris Wicka 03 Apr 2011
  • IT managers employed in Oil & Other Fuel Industries are the top earners averaging over £75,000 gross annual pay. Their income is 10% higher than their counterparts in Chemical Manufacture which ...

  • IT Spend - Motor Trade

    Kris Wicka 31 Mar 2011
  • Motor Trade firms' IT spend per employee is around 60% of that for all industry sectors. In recent years the growth in IT expenditure by Motor Trade companies has been half that for all UK ...