Collaboration Technology 2.0

July 2010

  • IBM assimilates the competition

    Ian Murphy 16 Jul 2010
  • Porting a database from one vendors offering to another has always been difficult. To try and ease the pain vendors have product porting guides, third party tools companies have products that will ...

  • Oracle announces BI 11g

    Ian Murphy 14 Jul 2010
  • Last week, Oracle announced the availability of Oracle Business Intelligence 11g. This is a major release for Oracle and comes at a time when Microsoft and SAP have both made major announcements of ...

  • SAP and Sybase - who gains?

    Ian Murphy 08 Jul 2010
  • When SAP announced its intention to acquire Sybase in May 2010, it immediately raised a number of questions. Seven weeks on and neither side seems particularly interested in publicly talking about ...