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Collaboration Technology 2.0

Ian White and Michael Pincher discuss the latest trends and technologies in collaboration software.

July 2009

  • Don't be a swine - enable your crew

    Ian White 30 Jul 2009
  • With Swine Flu in the up it's time to dust of your working from home policy and make sure it covers staying away from work if there's infection about your domain. Make sure that HR are comfortable ...

  • Swine flu and business continuity

    Ian White 23 Jul 2009
  • Organisations should ensure that remote working and collaboration tools are ready to scale to meet higher rates of absenteeism in the event of an outbreak of Swine flu. The unfolding situation is ...

  • So much for Digital Britain if BT's in charge - or are they?

    Ian White 22 Jul 2009
  • My dad's 95. He's still working and has just published a book called Treachery. It's about the incompetence of MI5 in the cold war. A month before publication his broadband went on the blink. I've ...

  • Living in the false economy

    Michael Pincher 16 Jul 2009
  • I spent some time with Gareth this week pondering on what makes a good business in the recession. Unfortunately and not unexpectedly we did not achieve any startling clarity from our musings. ...

  • You're ordered to Huddle

    Ian White 15 Jul 2009
  • Digital Britain, huddle, Martha lane Fox, Digital exclusion

  • Collaborate to Intimidate

    Ian White 14 Jul 2009
  • Facebook, Group, intimidation

  • Family 2.5

    Michael Pincher 03 Jul 2009
  • My offspring is travelling the far east right now and will be for almost three months. Apart from the amazing reduction in food bills it rather quiet around here. An interesting side effect is that ...

  • The fight is on

    Michael Pincher 02 Jul 2009
  • Over the last six months I have become more and more interested in how political web 2.0 polemics will play in the run up to our general election next May(?). Political and politicised blogging has ...

  • Working the Web

    Ian White 02 Jul 2009
  • While Gordon Brown's "Digital Britain Report" came and went with little fanfare, I discovered an interesting US statistic relevant to how important the web is to the US economy. "The Internet ...

  • Save our Sounds

    Ian White 01 Jul 2009
  • Ian (nice to have you back) White's blog First Loser reminded me of a technology piece on the BBC's Digital Planet "Save our Sounds" about everyday noises that are becoming extinct. For example, a ...