Collaboration Technology 2.0

June 2009

  • First loser advantage

    Michael Pincher 30 Jun 2009
  • I was musing over Skype with my old friend Jim Moffat last evening and we came to discussing new and emerging stuff - namely Google Wave. Wave's features show what can be done when you build your ...

  • Collaborating with the Broadcaster

    Michael Pincher 29 Jun 2009
  • I am a bit of a follower of the Simon Mayo on BBC Radio 5 Live ( mostly on my iPod. Earlier this month the afternoon program was used as a test bed for 'radio ...

  • Wiser from the walk

    Ian White 22 Jun 2009
  • Walking can be a great collaborative endevour, Yesterday, by the Grand Union Canal, I went for walk with a butterfly expert, I'm a hedgerow buff. We both learnt a lot from each other. He's also a ...

  • Digital Britain Interim Report: Digi-Britannia

    Ian White 17 Jun 2009
  • Digital Britain - The logo - a disconnected USB key - probably now lost, stolen or left on a train. .

  • When is a Network a Notwork - Part 3

    Ian White 15 Jun 2009
  • When I was interviewing people for jobs in my department in a UK public sector organisation one of the questions that HR wouldn't let me ask was "Who do you know in the industry?" They thought it ...

  • When is a Network a Notwork - Part 2

    Ian White 15 Jun 2009
  • I was debating with a headhunter over the weekend the benefits of one's professional network in times of trouble i.e. when you're looking for work or help. The headhunter's view is - work your ...

  • When is a Network a Notwork - part 1

    Ian White 13 Jun 2009
  • Here are 3 multimedia YouTube ditties that I penned about the ongoing political scandal.If you have time, please take a look. They're only a couple of minutes long. I've put these up here as they a ...

  • No - I have not died

    Michael Pincher 08 Jun 2009
  • Just been a bit preoccupied - however the political shambles that our country has descended into has help me find my blogging mojo.I think a great starting point is the use of Youtube as a instant ...

  • Leaders 10 Worst Mistakes

    Ian White 04 Jun 2009
  • Apologies for not blogging but have had a funeral to deal with. Harvard Business Review (HBR) have listed The 10 Most Common Failures of Bad Leaders The Worst Leaders: 1. Lack energy and ...