Collaboration Technology 2.0

April 2009

  • It's life as we now know it Jim!

    Ian White 29 Apr 2009
  • Jim Moffat - an evangelist for collaboration was one of the two UK musicians in the YouTube Orchestra. His account of the process and the use of on-line tools is an inspiration. Read it and improve ...

  • Time to go Veggie

    Ian White 27 Apr 2009
  • The outbreak of Swine Fever will test the metal of the medical profession. Fortunately, they seem to be up to speed on collaboration. Let's hope so! In the UK there is a stockpile of anti-viral ...

  • Building Britain's Future - New Industry, New Jobs

    Ian White 20 Apr 2009
  • A strategic plan to invest in Britain's economic and industrial future was launched by the Government today by the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform and Department for ...

  • Only the Ref should blow the whistle

    Ian White 17 Apr 2009
  • It's not a courageous view but the news of the nurse struck-off reminded me of my whistle blowing. When you discover something wrong and exhaust internal procedures the desire to get what you know ...

  • Why don't we do something together

    Ian White 16 Apr 2009
  • Life is full of to-do lists. Here are 9 things to avoid when running a collaborative project - your not-to-do list: 1. Inviting people who are not fully committed.2. Allowing people to come and go ...

  • You couldn't make it up

    Ian White 14 Apr 2009
  • The resignation of Gordon Brown's Aide and Head of Strategy at Number 10 through the appauling use of email is an obeject lesson to us all. How people are still writing stuff that gets forwarded ...

  • Watching the Detectives

    Ian White 09 Apr 2009
  • We've all done it. Carried important papers to meetings, reading them in the train/cab/car just before we walk in to brief someone. Bob Quick did it and has resigned after a picture was taken of ...

  • I am all of a flutter

    Michael Pincher 07 Apr 2009
  • Jim Moffat has led me to the next to the next 'little thing' on the internet. Released about 7 days ago this video, about a new Twitter wanabee, really hits the mark. Check out the YouTube video ...

  • Collaborative vanities

    Ian White 05 Apr 2009
  • I was enjoying a meal out in London last Thursday night when - at a discrete distance from each other - the separate motorcades of three G20 leaders drove past . The police manage these operations ...

  • Nearly April Fools

    Michael Pincher 01 Apr 2009
  • I just love this post on the BBC website that reports on 10 stories that could be April Fool's gags. The best to my mind is number 8:Miss Universe says:Guantanamo Bay is a "relaxing place, so calm ...