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Collaboration Technology 2.0

Ian White and Michael Pincher discuss the latest trends and technologies in collaboration software.

June 2008

  • The consequences of freedom

    Michael Pincher 30 Jun 2008
  • Has the Web/Net created a greater sense of unease in us all? Virus infection, spam attacks and identity theft are the consequences of the lack of security of the internetworked computer. We're now ...

  • It must be a thin news day

    Ian White 27 Jun 2008
  • The BBC is running the Bill Gates is leaving Microsoft story AGAIN. C'mon guys there is so much more going on!

  • Foundations and IBM, The Empire strikes back!

    Ian White 27 Jun 2008
  • IBM reckons Microsoft has had it to easy in the Small to Mid Market sector. Back in January they bought Nitix, a small Canadian outfit, that have built a self propelling server (Lotus Foundations) ...

  • Savaged by a dead sheep

    Ian White 24 Jun 2008
  • The Register has just reported on a  'attack' on the Notes installed base. If this was coming from SAP, Oracle or even Microsoft (again) then it might have some credence. But its the ...

  • With this tweet I thee wed

    Ian White 24 Jun 2008
  • I went to a wedding on Saturday, it was fabulous, very English country - all of the guys in penguin suits and ladies with fascinators. The service struck me as a blend of the old and new, a bit of ...

  • Dislocated from your purpose

    Michael Pincher 23 Jun 2008
  • Peter Day's In Business programme is on the radio, It's all about happiness at work, i.e. businees now want focussed, committed and creative people while people want to work for ethical companies ...

  • Its all getting a bit much

    Ian White 20 Jun 2008
  • (Today is Friday and I thought Mickey would post). Here is a catalogue of web 2.0 tools I am using:TwitterTwhirlFacebookFreindfeedPownceLinkedinGoogle ...

  • And now the news....

    Ian White 19 Jun 2008
  • Its a secret you will just have to read the post